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Coffee Stained Cup artwork.jpg

My new single 'Coffee Stained Cup' was released on Friday 26th April 2024 and hit no.1 in the iTunes R&B charts!  When I first had the idea for this song, I was really excited, as I had never written anything like it before.  I started with the lyrics and melody and they came together very easily.  Since the day I began writing Coffee Stained Cup, I knew exactly what vibe I wanted this song to be and I am really happy with the end result, as it's exactly what I had imagined.  Coffee Stained Cup is about the feeling you get when you're around that 'certain person', the person who makes you feel like no-one else can, the person who makes you feel most alive.  It's about the butterflies you get when you're around them, but also the fact that you're able to be completely vulnerable in their company.  Toby Burley (the producer) and I had been playing Coffee Stained Cup live at gigs for several months before we began the recording and production process.  This allowed us to be completely comfortable with the song and know it inside out before we made any final decisions about how it should sound.  It enabled us to play around with ideas, tempos and ad-libs before we recorded, so our final product was the best version.  Hope you love it as much as we do!

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