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On the 10th February 2023 I will be releasing my next single 'You and I'.  I'm really excited to be venturing into a new genre.  From the outset, I wanted the song to be soulful with a happy meaning.  I have recently written more mellow songs and felt it was time to try something new.  'You and I' is about realising you're falling in love for the first time and letting yourself be consumed by that love.  I always put a significant amount of thought into my lyrics and melodies, so wanted to ensure that the production fully complemented the vocals well.  'You and I' is definitely the song that I am most proud of to date, as I feel that it represents the music I want to write going forward.  A snippet of the track will be released on TikTok on the 6th January 2023 if you'd like a sneak preview!

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